BoC 1.14 Progress

Tomax gave Cate her morning bottle, then got busy preparing his and Angel’s breakfast. Yogurt parfaits appealed to him that morning for some reason. He reminded himself to check on the lemon trees since they had been forgotten the day before. Though, after yesterday’s rain, they probably wouldn’t need any care. Angel woke and sat […]

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BoC 1.13 Postnatal

Tomax woke before Angel and quietly got ready for the day before sitting down to work on his latest book. Maybe he’d try his hand at nonfiction this time. He wondered if he would ever get another chance to sit and write uninterrupted once the baby arrived. He was getting nearly as antsy as Angel. […]

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BoC 1.12 City Heat

Angel woke starving again and decided s he wanted a heartier breakfast than just rice and peas. So she whipped up some eggs, bacon and toast after getting dressed. This should definitely hold her for a while. While she ate, Angel decided she could afford to take maternity leave after all. She had a feeling […]

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BoC 1.11 Sweet and Sour

A/N: This week’s new goals: Buy a bicycle, complete a street mural, collect five MySims trophies, exercise for one hour. Ongoing: Heirs must have the well mannered and responsible traits. Tomax had discovered an unexpected liking for rice and peas and cooked another batch for breakfast. This time, he ate alone since Angel was still […]

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Boc 1.10 Baby on Board

Tomax prepared breakfast that morning, thinking Angel would want to sleep in. He could see this becoming a regular routine for them, at least on days when she had to work and he didn’t. As it turned out, Angel woke up just as Tomax was transferring the food form pot to serving dish. “What smells […]

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Peters 3.44 Little Mermaid

After the girls had gone off to school, Jason made a quick call. “Hi, Oliana. You are coming to Maleah’s party, aren’t you?”“That’s today?” Oliana seemed surprised. “Yes, in a few hours, when she gets home from school. Come a little earlier so you’ll be here when she arrives. She’ll need you today.”“I know. I’m […]

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Peters 3.43 Relaxation

On Founder’s Day, Maleah snuck cannoli for breakfast while her father wasn’t looking. She hoped they would get to go skating at some point today. Would Tempest really come home in time to join them, or would she choose to stay with her mother and stepfather? Maleah couldn’t help but wonder, torn between curiosity and […]

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Peters 3.42 Almost a Teen

That morning, Jason greeted Maleah with a hug. “You know I love you right”“Yeah, I love you too, Da.” Maleah liked to act like she was too old for hugs from her father, but she decided it was ok as long as no one could see them. “Is Tempest still visiting her mom?” “Yes, she […]

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Peters 3.41 Rainy Daze

Jason “Da, can I have an allowance? I might need money in Sulani.”“And what are you going to buy there?” “I don’t know, snacks and souvenirs and stuff.” Maleah gave him her best pleading look. “All right, I guess you’re old enough to start learning how to handle money,” Jason agreed. If his daughters ever […]

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Peters 3.40 Growth

“Da, can I get another haircut?”“Are you sure? Your ponytail looks so cute.”“I liked my hair short. Please?”“All right, you can go after school.” Jason’s own hair had grown long enough that his old rubber band couldn’t hold it. He had decided to try out the new length rather than get another cut, thinking it […]

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