BoC 1.19 Beachy Fun

On Saturday, which both Tomax and Angel had off, the family went to the beach in Sulani for the day. Tomax had wanted to get out of the house and show Cate more of the world, and Angel had wanted tomake a visit to Sulani anyway, so it worked out. “Come here, Cate. Let me […]

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BoC 1.18 In Transition

A/N This week’s new goals: Give a key to your closest friend. Explore a cave. Learn a new skill. Raise a skill to level 5. Ongoing: All heirs must have the well-mannered and responsible traits. Tomax had a moment of inspiration and decided to add lemon peel as a garnish on top of the fruit […]

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BoC 1.17 Friends

Tomax woke early and spent the morning in the garden, tending the lemon trees and one lone parsley plant. They were looking pretty thirsty today. At least with his current work schedule, he should have plenty of time to tend the plants when he wasn’t writing or helping care for Cate. Waking from a nightmare, […]

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Peters 4.3 Flower Bunny

Flower Bunny Day proved to be another wet one. Maleah joined her family for a grand breakfast to start the day, knowing the hot food was just what she needed. “Da, can I go get a haircut later?” Tempest asked. “You don’t like your hair long? I think it’s cute,” Jason replied.Tempest shook her head. […]

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Peters 4.2 Adulting

Maleah slept in on a Friday that wasn’t a holiday for the first time in her life, and decided it felt really good that she could do that. Because she could, she had caviar crackers for breakfast, never mind that they weren’t exactly healthy or normal breakfast food. She could start behaving another day. Getting […]

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Maleah’s Roll

Here are the results of Maleah’s roll. Traits: neat, jealous, snobAspiration: Body BuilderPrimary Career: Professional SportsMarital Status: Single parent, 2 childrenGenerational Goal: Collector -Your heir, spouse, helpers and children must complete and display one of the collections. Got a head start on this one, since I kept everyhting Marcus Flex collected in Generation one. Miscellaneous […]

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Peters 4.1 Rainy Birthday

As soon as she returned home from school on the afternoon of her birthday, Maleah checked the mail. She already knew she had been rejected for two of the three scholarships she had applied to, but she was still waiting for word on the third as well as her acceptance letter. And… there it was! […]

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Peters 3.49 Past and Future

As Maleah ate a big bowl of granola for breakfast, she couldn’t help wondering what Oliana was doing. Had she gotten home from work safely? Was she still asleep after a late night, or had she woken up early for another predawn swim? Maleah ate quickly, suddenly eager to get to school, where she would […]

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Peters 3.48 Day Three

Despite the noise of the storm, Maleah was so exhausted that she managed to oversleep. Waking to a cloudy morning, she scrambled out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. As she prepared breakfast for herself, Maleah wondered if Oliana was awake. She hadn’t heard her in the adjacent master suite and didn’t see her […]

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Peters 3.47 A Weekend With Mom

Maleah woke bright and early, feeling surprisingly refreshed, and dressed in another new outfit. The bed might be unfamiliar, but it was very comfortable. She tried to imagine g rowing up here, with the beach right outside the door and the ocean at the back deck, where she could swim whenever she wanted. But the […]

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