Box of Chocolates 1.20: Sunday

A/N: This week’s goals: Give a friend a residence key, plant a plant, Movie night!, add 2 new sims to your town. Ongoing: All hears must have the well-mannered and responsible traits. Feeling an urge to keep his skills up and not particularly in the mood to cook, Tomax decided to conjure up his breakfast […]

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Peters 4.7 New Term

On the first day of her second term, Maleah woke early and decided to get in some extra studying. Maybe she would start on one of her two term papers too if she had time. With an A- GPA, she wanted to work hard not to slip any lower. The fact that she had barely […]

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Peters 4.6 Disco

“No blue sweater?” Amir asked when they met outside Discotheque Pan Europa for their date. “Nope, it’s dirty. Besides, I didn’t want to wear it to dance. It’ll get too warm,” Maleah explained. “Oh well, I like your outfit.”Maleah grinned. “Thanks. I love that we match. Let’s get inside, it’s kind of chilly for a […]

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Petters 4.5 Surprise!

On Thursday after class, Maleah took the opportunity to swim, though the water was chilly. As long as she kept moving, she barely felt it. She had the lake to herself that afternoon, so she wasn’t worried about being seen. It felt so good to be outside in her other form after days of being […]

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Peters 4.4 Foxbury

It was a cool, clear morning when Maleah arrived outside the Off-campus apartment building she would be sharing with 5 other Foxbury students She had wanted a place where she would have her own private bath, no matter how tiny, but also get to experience some of what it would be like to live in […]

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EHC 1.15 White Winterfest

“This sweater itches. And I’m going to get my haircut after we’re done decorating the tree,” Jeb complained. .”It’s just for one day, come on, where’s your Winterfest spirit? Not sure I like the hair either, actually.”“My Winterfest spirit is just fine, but I shouldn’t have let you talk me into wearing this.” Jeb studied […]

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EHC 1.14 Waffles and Truths

Attuned as he was to Jeb’s moods, Desi slipped from bed before his fiancĂ© woke and padded into the kitchen without bothering to dress. He hoped a hot breakfast would cheer Jeb up at least a little. Who could stay sad when waffles were on the menu? Especially when they weren’t just any waffles but […]

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